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Role of an Interior Designer in this Pinterest Era

Role of an Interior Designer in this Pinterest Era

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Interior Design is a field of creating a comfortable environment & not just decorating spaces.

Pinterest & parallel photo galleries have been very meticulously designed and have evolved to flood the viewer with very interesting ideas. What happens when these ideas start taking literal forms? During such duplications we miss out on many aspect. A few of them have been mentioned below:

  1. Suitability of Design for the available space – In a effort to stretch or juxtapose the design with site constraints, it misses out on the proportions and there by total effect.
  2. Budget in Hand – If we end up compromising on a few corner details, material selection etc to curtail budget & still think “its very close”, the effect is lost.
  3. Client behavior – Life of the surface finish depends on the habits & temperaments of the users, weather effect on the surface etc. All of these factors decide the wear n tear of the surface which eventually governs the life after few years of completion of the work.

Hence the role of a designer here is to judge the client first for his choices, sense of colour & related comfort, choice of intricacy & most importantly the unrevealed actual budget. A detailed analysis of the gallery picked image needs to be done before the commitment for its replication is made.

Many times the designs are worked out with darker finishes, a lot of wood components, etc. The fact that they are developed for cooler climatic conditions and with an abundance of wood in the region needs to be considered. This is one amongst the several factors which are responsible for the shorter shelf life of these duplicated designs.

To sum up, client’s comfort, need of lasting finish & apt aesthetics needs to be blended in a perfect interior design solution.  Selecting the right look & feel Designs when collaborated with the Experience & Wisdom of an Interior Designer can only bring the desired results for the client.