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Transform your Education into Professional Expertise

Transform your Education into Professional Expertise

In a University Convocation Ceremony, the Chief Guest asked, “What is the significance of the documents called Degree OR Diploma?” He continued answering it,” It’s just a receipt of the expenses made to achieve it. It’s worth only when the education acquired through it is utilized in the growth of an individual & there by a society”

Excel Interior Design Institute has taken the path of establishing Field ready Interior Designers. All along this journey of six years we have come across few specific segments of the society, aspiring for entering into a professional career. Here i would like to share the benefits of becoming an Interior Designer trained through the practical perspective to these specific segments:

  1. Civil Engineers:

Civil Engineering is one of the most respectful branches of Engineering. Those who find their placements in progressing construction companies are contented. But others, who intend to be Self Employed, find themselves at a crossroad. For them Interior designing is a great career option with following benefits:

  • Self-Dependent progressive career.
  • Higher scope for Creativity.
  • Due to urbanization, scope of Interior design is increasing multiple times.
  • Relatively less field runs, so a preferred integration for girls.

2. Home Maker who wished to contribute with her Education:

Thought of a 10 am – 6 pm job is scary for those who have started re-thinking about their career after few years of marriage. Interior Design as a choice for career brings following advantages:

  • Strong sense of self identity.
  • Their style quotient can add strength to the profession.
  • Professional & Financial Independence
  • Creative field with growth & joy of innovating every day.
  • Free Lancing is possible, they can decide their work schedule to suite their family commitments.

3.Drop Outs from any field:

Dropping out is not Failing at all. Rather it’s about knowing what you don’t want. If they are creatively inclined, then Interior design poses several benefits for them:

  1. Regained sense of strength.
  2. Takes only 2-years to become a field ready professional, if matching with the pace of the batch, is a concern.
  3. Financial independence is fast achieved.
  4. Respectable, innovative & continuously growing field of creativity handled every day.

4. Fine Artists:

Connecting with ART is connecting with GOD. With a developed sense of aesthetics the Fine Artists can rule the world of Beauty. Then why restrict it to a few paintings, pottery, sculptures or murals? Why not create a complete environment filled with joy of colours & creativity by becoming an Interior Designer?

  1. With the advent of print media, there are fewer takers for original piece of Art.
  2. Interior Design is a regular flow of work that will integrate the Art with Functionality & impart greater meaning to the work.

5. Graduates from other fields:

Bachelors of Arts (B.A), Commerce (B.Com) Science (B.Sc.) do not lead to a profession. Having a self Dependent profession will add

  1. Financial & social independence,
  2. Path to grow & prosper,
  3. Social recognition & ambition to abide to.

Connect to a Progressive Career or Professional Goal with your creative skills. Join Interior Design profession & keeping growing.