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In a calm quiet family, who charges up the evenings or the Family events? They are those magnetic people, who bring in the flavor of energy, laughter & joy with their spontaneity & positive charismatic persona.

Just the same way, there are specific elements in Interior Design which hold the power to add that dynamic character & charm to a decently designed Interior space. Following are 9 most influential elements from the long list.

sunlight at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Playful Sunshine
  • 1. Sunlight – The most dynamic of all live Elements is sunlight. When Sunlight penetrates deep into an Interior space, it imparts warmth, charm, brightness & positivity to the ambiance. Its ever changing reflection due to the Sun Path also adds the element of interest.
greenery at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Charm of Greenery
  • 2. Live Plants – They bring in the needed pleasing sight, element of growth & prosperity to the space. They swing with the breeze; they grow a bit every day & the colorful flowers if present, as cherry on the cake. Live plants can just absorb all the toxic energy in the vicinity & add to the freshness.
candles at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Candles lit the world around…
  • 3. Candles – That needed trinket of glamour is added to a mundane Interior space, through a flame of candle. It is also significant as it represents the element of FIRE which is one of the constituting factors in nature.
water at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Splashes that add life
  • 4. Water – Water in its purest form, flowing or stagnant has the quality to absorb the vibrations & attract attention. It can pacify the discomfort in seconds with its cooling quality. Tickling the sense of hearing, flowing water transposes the surrounding into a natural setting of a flowing cascade of water.
mirror at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
“Mirror ..Mirror.. Tell it all”
  • 5. Mirror – Mirrors tend to multiply the appearance of space. They also multiply light, movement if any & the beauty around. Brown or grey mirrors add the needed glamour with their use in Interiors.
arte fact at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Shadows speak louder..
  • 6. 3D Murals – We normally tend to buy artifacts or murals for their face value. But to me, what appeals the most is the play of shadow that it casts on the walls & the floor around, with ever changing shapes & patterns.
bells at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Auspicious association
windchime at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
The chanting tree…
  • 7. Wind Chimes – They awaken the sense of hearing & make the presence of wind significant. The ringing sound of the brass bell outside our temples or churches which is loud yet soothing brings us in the present with its long & deep reverberations. Thick & thin brass bells, earthen bells, steel or glass bells, all have distinctly identifiable sounds that can be chosen according to the space around & quantum of breeze. But they might be a point of irritation for extreme peace lovers.
aroma at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Fragrance full of life
  • 8. Incense Sticks or Aroma Diffuses – Available in a variety of fragrances, these also use essential oils for the therapeutic value that stimulates brain & relaxes body. As they arouse the sense of smell & sight both, using natural flowers is also a beautiful way of achieving the needed value. Camphor also carries strong fragrance & medicinal value.
abstract painting at Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur
Re Interpret…
  • 9. Abstract Art pieces – Abstract art compels the viewer to interpret it in his own way, thus engrossing the onlooker completely. The best are the ones, which can be interpreted in a different manner, every time you look at them with a different mood. This according to me a wonderful method of forgetting the world & there by meditating.