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Classical Interior design for Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur

Modern Interior design styles might be a choice for many, but love for Antiques can never be outdated. Let’s explore the 7 bold reasons amongst the in-numerous others for this.

1. Elegance Vs Boldness

Classical Interiors move from micro level detailing to macro level patterns. Each and every corner is decorated with delicate natural elements influenced by Flora & Fauna. Fragility of shapes & their relativity with God’s creation – ‘Nature’ is the soul of Classical beauty. Modern Interiors are attempts to break this goodie feel into more realistic forms from day to day life. Their love for machinery is best exhibited in modern interiors.

Modern Interior design for Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur

2. Rigidity Vs Free flowing Geometry

Strength of a Classical Baroque Design style in Interiors is its rigid Geometrical pattern. Modern Interiors believe in flow of vision. An onlooker will feel contented looking at an Antique interior design for its hold in symmetry & patterns while in Modern Interiors he will be continuously amazed by the changing meaning of the space as he moves in it.

Classical Interior design for Excel Interior Design Institute nagpur

3. Maximalist Vs Minimalist

Classical Interiors purely believes in filling every space available with its influential patterns, attractive elements & elegant shapes. While the floor carpet is heavily geometric & non reflective, the molded ceilings & capitals of columns add intricacy. Crowded is the word used by simplicity lovers for this ambiance. Exactly contrasting to this, modern interiors are minimalist with a lot of breathing space, scope for interpretation & peace of mind. Sleekness, un-carved edges, cleaner & reflective floors & walls, bold but small focal elements mark these relaxed spaces.

4. Elements Vs Volumes

While the royal elements play key role in creating the aesthetic appeal of an Antique Interior Design, Modern interiors firmly believe in play of volumes to create an impactful beauty. Common amongst the two contrasting philosophies is the play of Shadows. While classical elements create shadows at micro level, modern masses play with voids & volumes.

5. Literal Vs Applied Carpentry

Classical Interiors carry the primitive carpentry joints with pride & elegance. Modern Interiors believe in hiding the joints to keep the design focus on its volumes & shapes.

6. Subtle Vs Bright colours

Antique Interiors use pastel shades but in larger surfaces, while modern interiors use colours brightly but obey the minimalist discipline.

7. Natural textures Vs Stark textures

Classical Interiors value the raw appeal of natural material like wood, stone, rustic metal, worn off paints etc. Modern Interiors use glasses, Mirrors, leather, fur etc for textural appeal along with natural textures. This is a mere reflection of respect for the available materials in the era when the specific style was in its bloom.

These are not all, but are enough to mark the differences between Antique Interiors that believe in “More is Less”…. While its Modern counterpart has proved that “Less is More”.